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Eric “EJ” Jackson

Age: 56 years old
HOMETOWN: Rock Island, TN

“The Secret to happiness is fidelity to a worthy purpose”- Helen Keller

Eric Jackson’s family moved from Pennsylvania to Florida when he was 10 years old. Bass Fishing became his passion before he landed in Orlando. Jackson recalls, “I had an old lure that my grandfather gave me that was ‘huge’ and I couldn’t imagine catching fish with a lure so big.” They must be huge fish, he thought, and he became intrigued. From the day he arrived in Florida, he became a fisherman and fished 365 days two years in a row. Once his whitewater career took off he laid low on fishing for many years, just doing it in the summer time, and with no real purpose. Five years ago he got the bug again, and this time it isn’t going away.

He started making fishing kayaks and began fishing daily. EJ likes to say, “This is my next 25 year career.”

EJ’s goal is to achieve competition results in fishing, like he has in whitewater over the coming years. He says, “It is something that truly gets me fired up.”

“I am very obsessive. Once I get started on something it is hard to get me off of it. Luckily for me I decided to obsess over things that are good for me and others- kayaking, fishing, business, family,” says Jackson.

EJ is a ball of energy, and watching him put his passion and energy into fishing is going to be quite the show. Kokatat will be watching on the front row. Here’s to the next 25 years EJ!