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Eric Jackson

Age: 56 years old website
HOMETOWN: Rock Island, TN

“The Secret to happiness is fidelity to a worthy purpose”- Helen Keller

In 1982 Eric Jackson set a goal in his year book to go to the Olympics for kayaking. He loved paddling beyond what most could imagine, and always wanted to be a kayak champion. By 1997 Eric had been crowned World Champion, gone to the Olympics, and was a dominant slalom and freestyle paddler. It was after all this that EJ made what he calls his best decision related to his family, kayaking, and life in general. Eric with his wife Kristine and 2 kids, Emily & Dane, packed up their life and moved into an RV full time. They left suburban, DC behind and ventured from river to river full time, seeing new places, spending quality time as a family, homeschooling the kids, and waking up next to rivers everywhere. This was the defining moment for the Jackson family.

EJ’s current goals are to continue to enjoy whitewater kayaking, competing with his kids and seeing new rivers. “I am very obsessive. Once I get started on something it is hard to get me off of it. Luckily for me I decided to obsess over things that are good for me and others- kayaking, fishing, business, family,” says Jackson. “Life without compromise- choose your priorities, and then live life with your priorities determining your actions and decisions.”

Eric Jackson is a champion and has built a life around his passion for kayaking, family & business. A great friend and true asset to the Kokatat Family.