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Jeff Herman


Civilization ends at the tide line. After that we all become part of the food chain. - HST

Jeff Herman went rafting down the Pedernales River with his Dad he was 11. Ever since that first rafting trip he’s had an affinity for anything and everything seaward or bound towards the sea. He started kayak fishing in 2000 and has won national team tournaments and regional events throughout the states. “My favorite kayaking involves international destinations like Uganda, Belize, etc. where new waters can be fished and explored,” says Herman. He still fishes some of the more specialized tournaments like the AFWC (Adventure Fishing World Championships). Speaking of what inspires Jeff to be a kayak fisherman he says, “The simple accessibility and beauty of water, the possibility of the next big fish, and the pause every sunset or sunrise brings me when sitting in a kayak with gentle motion of the tide.”