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Kate Hives

HOMETOWN: Victoria BC, Canada

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." - Vivian Greene

When Kate Hives was 12 years old she vividly recalls a strong desire to steer her own craft and navigate unknown waters. “The sense of independence that comes with a paddle in my hands is fed by a deep love of adventure and the outdoors that I can only thank my family for distilling within me,” says Kates. Her passion for kayaking has only grown as her experience has deepened and she finds herself enveloped in a life of adventure, refusing to settle for anything less than the call of the wild. Since those first days on the river she has found love for all kinds of kayaking… From calm days on the sea to big waves and rough water of surf and tide races; from big bouncy rivers to fast moving ocean skis; and from surf kayaking in breaking waves to expeditions in unknown waters – if there is water involved and two blades… Kate is in, and will most likely be smiling and laughing out loud! Kate graduated from Lakehead University’s Outdoor Recreation Program and has turned her passion into a career, working as an outdoor educator, kayak instructor, coach, and expedition guide. She currently works as a Sea Kayak coach with SKILS, working as a Guide Trainer and Examiner through the Sea Kayak Guide’s Alliance of British Columbia. She remains committed to ongoing development of her coaching through the Paddle Canada scheme as a Level 2 coach and a Level 3 coach aspirant. More recently she has worked to achieve her BCU 5 Star Sea Leader qualification in the UK in order to grow her experience and understanding of the sport. She has discovered many more adventures that call to her along the way.

Kate continues to draw her inspiration from the rocky playgrounds and long sandy surf beaches of her home waters of Vancouver Island and has enjoyed time spent pushing her own limits with fellow adventure seekers of The Hurricane Riders. Her nomadic spirit has taken her all around the world in search of adventure and she now enjoys sharing time with the global paddling community at symposium, festivals and competitions.

Kate says, “I would like to think that with my 20 years of paddling experience, my work in outdoor education and my continued passion for personal skill and coaching development that I can continue to share my passion for adventure with my own unique style and quirky twist. Come spend a day on the water with me in person or through my writing, photos and videos!”