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Noah Heck

HOMETOWN: New Alexandria, PA

“You have to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you.” –Ray LaMontagne

It was 2005 and Noah Heck was one year into the corporate working world and one year into marriage with his wife, Summer. He was in the worst physical condition of his life and needed a change, so he turned back to the outdoors. He had grown up with a fishing rod in his hand but had put his passion on the back burner while caught up in the hustle and bustle of ‘real life.’ “As it turns out, leaving something I love behind left a void that was ultimately filled by kayak fishing. It brought the sense of freedom I needed after a rough week in the office and so much more. It afforded me the opportunity to help others as well,” says Heck. Noah was a founding member of a group rooted in Western Pennsylvania called “Kayak Anglers” who has a focus on stewardship, serving as an informational resource and donating to other like-minded, non-profit endeavors close to home. What began as a group of six anglers has become a group of over 200 supporting members with chapters across Pennsylvania, into New York and in 2016, heading north to Michigan. They’ve donated thousands to Heroes on the Water, Unity, A Journey of Hope and Griffin’s Guardians. Of the organization Noah says, “We’ve introduced many to this sport I’ve grown to love more than any other and in the process, many friendships have been formed.” He looks forward to introducing his son to this sport in 2016 and sharing as many experiences as possible with Rowan and my wife out on the water and in the great outdoors. Noah’s philosophy of life is, “there is no sense in dwelling on the past, always remember today is the first day of the rest of your life.” His goals include winning a bass tournament each season, checking off at least one item on his kayak fishing bucket list, being the best father, son, husband and friend I can be and working in the kayak fishing business at some point.