3 Ways to improve your Boof stroke (Video)

by seth-ashworth
Thursday, March 29, 2018
Thursday, March 29, 2018
Want to improve one of whitewater kayakings most important maneuvers? Check out this video on improving your boof stroke.
Seth Ashworth
by Seth Ashworth

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The boof stroke is used to keep your bow high and carry speed out of a drop. In this video we look at three small changes you can make which will help improve your boof significantly.

Tip 1 - Plan ahead

By knowing where you are going to boof and if you will do an early or late boof stroke, you can significantly improve your success rate. Planning if you should use a left or right stroke will also help in setting up for your next move, especially if you are boofing at the start of a series of moves.

Tip 2 - Boof power comes from hips and knees

When you boof, your body should stay centered. Most of the driving power is coming from your hips and knees. Lifting up on your knees while simultaneously driving your hips forward helps pick your bow up without your body moving too far backward, helping you to stay in a more balanced position.

Tip 3 - Landing onto your next stroke

We already know the goal of the boof is to carry speed out of the drop; where that speed goes can get out of hand quite quickly if you don’t remember to land and start steering right away. Remember to keep those elbows down when you land so you don’t risk injuring your shoulders if you get flipped over.