Frequently Asked Questions


Does Kokatat make custom colored dry suits?

You can special order any of our GORE-TEX® dry suits in a number of color configurations. Choose top, bottom, and accent colors. You can also customize the hood and pocket colors. Check out the custom suit builder on our website, contact your local dealer, or give us a call for current color options. Special orders add 4 weeks to the delivery, and there are additional costs to the dry suit as well.

What options can I get for my GORE-TEX® dry suit?

Custom colors, GORE-TEX® or latex socks, relief zipper or drop seat (for women only), reflective tape, suspenders, sleeve pockets, hoods, and zipper flaps are all options that can be added to a GORE-TEX® suit. Please check with your local dealer or give us a call to check on prices and availability. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Do you repair garments and replace gaskets?

Yes we do, but we only work on our own products. Our repair department can also retrofit many of our drysuit options on existing drysuits. Start your Factory Repair Service Here.

I’ve seen your GORE-TEX® dry suits being used by pro paddlers and in expeditions around the world. Who do I contact to submit my expedition or paddling resume?

Please send expedition and event product sponsorship, and team queries to our PR/Field Marketing liaison Lisa Kincaid (

What is the difference between a Front Entry (GFE) and a Meridian (GME) dry suit?

Simple Answer: The GME has an overskirt the GFE does not.

Extended version: An over skirt is an extra piece of fabric covering the chest and back and has a waist band at the bottom. It’s designed to layer with a neoprene spray skirt tunnel. It helps keeps water that lands on the deck of the boat or on your head from making its way between the suit and spray skirt tunnel and ending up in your boat. If you paddle a closed-cockpit kayak in rough water (in a river, lake or ocean), the over skirt will help keep the cockpit drier.

Can I wash my Kokatat garment?

Yes! Washing is a good thing. Your technical garment will perform better when it’s clean. When washing, always follow sewn-in care instructions. With dry suits and dry tops Kokatat recommends using cold water, delicate cycle, gentle liquid soap, with no bleach or harsh chemicals, and high water volume, in a front loading machine. Rinse well (which may mean running it through a second time, inside out with no soap OR use a cold shower). Line dry.

Will salt clog up the semi permeable micro porous GORE-TEX® membrane?

No, this is a myth! Salt molecules are far too large to fit into the tiny holes in the GORE-TEX® membrane. If you don’t wash all the saltwater off your garment after a trip to the ocean the remaining salt on the face fabric will attract moisture (so rinse it off!), but GORE-TEX® will breathe when the face fabric is completely saturated (even underwater).

I want to send my garment back to Kokatat for a look-see, what should I do?

Give us a call for a return number. Our customer service folks can answer your questions and give you all the info you need to start the return process. See our Repair and Maintenance page to start your Factory Repair Service.

Can I trim my latex neck gasket?

Yes (but Kokatat wrist gaskets are not designed to be trimmed - see below)! Neck gaskets are designed to be trimmed to fit. If you feel as though you are getting less oxygen than normal when wearing the gasket, you may want to trim your gasket. Turn your garment inside-out, and notice the rings running parallel down the gaskets. Make all cuts in-between the rings. Be sure to closely visually inspect the trimmed edge for nicks; the cut must be straight. Nicks need to be trimmed out before you try it on. Be careful and cut one ring at a time until you get it right; you can’t put the latex back on! Wrist gaskets are not designed to be trimmed: try stretching the wrist gaskets over a form (can or bottle) before using the garment. If you have questions, please call us before trimming your gasket.

What size am I?

Check our size charts on each product page or in our catalog, or see our Sizing page. If you fall into the upper range of the measurements listed on the size chart, we recommend that you purchase the next largest size. If you are able, try to find a dealer and put on the garment before you buy!

How do I store my dry suit/dry top?

What is the difference between a wetsuit and a dry suit?

Wetsuits keep a layer of water against your skin that must be warmed by your body heat. Your body works to warm the water which uses up energy that could have been spent on your sport. When hit with more cold water, you must warm it up again. Wetsuits perform poorly in the air and wind and have high evaporative heat loss. So if you use a wetsuit we highly recommend wearing a paddling jacket over it.

Dry suits keep water completely outside. You can also regulate the warmth of a dry suit system by adding or removing layers underneath. Those made with GORE-TEX® fabric allow body moisture to escape keeping you even drier.

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