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Northern Alp Lakes - pearls for paddlers

by bjorn-nehrhoff
Monday, June 27, 2016
   Recreational Kayaking
Monday, June 27, 2016
Paddling the 20 most beautiful lakes of the Northern Alps. A kayak Eldorado in the middle of the mountains.
Björn Nehrhoff von Holderberg
by Björn Nehrhoff Von Holderberg

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My new book project led me to the spine of the continent, the Alps. I was astonished by the beauty I found exploring 20 different lakes in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, far away from my usual paddling ground - the sea. It was like paddling between the Fjords of Norway, but with much better weather and almost no wind. Lots of cultural highlights to visit, and local food specialties that will make you lick all 10 fingers.

I had the chance to visit big lakes like the “Vierwadlstätter See” in Switzerland which has so many beautiful fjord like arms with lake stacks, small caves, high walls of rock but also a rich cultural heritage on the shore like the medieval Centertown of Luzern or cute little villages like Buochs.

Also impressive were the small lakes like the Eibsee in Germany or the Gosuasee in Austria, just big enough to water the kayak. No need to hurry, just time to enjoy lonely mountain scenery early in the morning, witnessing the peaks shining in Alp glow to be touched by the first sunlight, paddling extremely clear Caribbean colored water.

Björn Nehrhoff von Holderberg is a visual storyteller. His book Kanu Kompass Nördliche Alpenseen is now available.

"Fjord paddling in the Alps"

Brienzer-See, Switzerland / Chiemsee, Germany / Hallstaetter-See, Austria