Beginners Guide to Whitewater Kayaking Gear

by aquabatics-calgary
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
If you're looking to get into whitewater kayaking, you're going to want the right gear, and know how to use it.
Aquabatics Calgary
by Aquabatics Calgary

Our philosophy is that there is a style of paddlesporting that everyone can enjoy. It’s our job to facilitate that experience.

In this video, Aquabatics Calgary takes us through all the needs, wants and luxuries that you will need as you take up the sport of whitewater paddling.

Part I: Needs

We learn about the “must-have” needs to be a whitewater kayaker and how to go through the process of selecting the best gear to suit your experience. Gear discussed in this section include: Kayaks, Helmets, Life Vests, Paddles & Skirts.

Part II: Wants

Next we will go through the “wants” section. In order to progress as a paddler these “wants” will make your experience much better. This section we learn about proper layers and outerwear including dry tops and dry suits.

Part III: Luxuries

Here we learn about whitewater safety and other goodies that will aid in your journey to becoming a whitewater kayaker.