Fall in Durango

by dave-farkas
Monday, October 10, 2016
Monday, October 10, 2016
Fall in Durango means many things to many people. With temps in the 70's, lots of sunshine, and cool crisp days people flock to our region and the southwest to play. One of the benefits of this time of year as well is the monsoons rain patterns the southwest receives. Moisture blows in from the Pacific and causes daily rainstorms that can bring up our local river and creek runs. Although seemingly regular, the amount of rain varies. Sometimes we get lucky with heaps, sometimes we don't.
Dave Farkas
by Dave Farkas

Dave’s a whitewater expedition kayaker with a zest for life and a desire to explore the unknown.

This year was an off year. We had regular rains but they were so light, it seemed as if the local runs would never come in. Finally it rained hard and cold in the valley and snowed a lot up high. I watched the gauge and thankfully it started to rise. I gotta admit that I’m a gauge geek…I routinely watch various river gauge sites to see what’s happening especially around here and with a creek as fickle as Vallecito in the fall, you really gotta pay attention.

Late in the evening it became apparent that the best water would be early in the morning so after a few texts the plan was set to meet at the Vallecito Campground parking lot at 7:30am. Yup…cold rain and snow…this was going to be a typical fall cold water Vallecito lap.

There’s a lot written up and filmed about Vallecito so I won’t get into much detail here. The video should explain why many consider this to be the best mile + of kayaking in Colorado.

Granite Gorge - check

Steep Whitewater - check

Heaps of Boofs - Check

Committing - Check

It doesn’t really matter what you paddle…it’s who you’re paddling with that counts.

Chur chur