How to do an S-Turn: Part 2

by aquabatics-calgary
Tuesday, January 03, 2017
Tuesday, January 03, 2017
The Aquabatics Calgary team walk you through the steps of how to perform an s-turn in a whitewater kayak.
Aquabatics Calgary
by Aquabatics Calgary

Our philosophy is that there is a style of paddlesporting that everyone can enjoy. It’s our job to facilitate that experience.

This video is an instructional lesson from Aquabatics Calgary on how to perform s-turns in a whitewater kayak using eddies on opposite sides of a current.

Before tackling the S-Turn you need to be proficient at:

  • Carving eddy turns
  • Using the sweep stroke for direction control
  • Have good edge control when crossing eddy lines

Find a location with following attributes:

  • Two eddy, one slightly upstream from the other, with an obstruction free path
  • Ideally the eddys’ will have sharp defined eddy lines and the distance between the two won’t be two great
  • Bonus: ability to attain and practice this move over and over to become proficient

Now let’s watch as Simon gives us some tricks and tips and shows us some of the common mistakes…