How to “Dry Head” Back Deck Roll (With Video)

by seth-ashworth
Monday, October 15, 2018
Monday, October 15, 2018
This is part two of the "How to Back Deck Roll" video series by Seth Ashworth, and is possibly the ultimate way to impress your friends! Follow this simple guide on a pretty cool way to keep your head out of the way.
Seth Ashworth
by Seth Ashworth

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How to Dry Head Back Deck Roll is the second part of my video series on back deck rolling. If you didn’t read the first part regarding how to back deck roll, take a second, read the blog and watch the video, then circle back to this.

The head dry back deck roll is a great way to help us think about our kick flips on flat water as it’s a very similar movement. Our starting point is the back deck roll, the modifications you will need to make are fairly simple.

Focus on keeping the paddle all the way at the surface, much more than you usually would for a back deck roll.

Push your feet away from you more aggressively. This helps push your boat over your head a bit faster.

Snappier than usual hip/leg rotation. This will help your boat get up and over you.