How to improve your front surf skills (Video)

by seth-ashworth
Thursday, April 26, 2018
Thursday, April 26, 2018
A quick instructional video with tips on how to improve your front surfing skills.
Seth Ashworth
by Seth Ashworth

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Here is a rundown on some tips that will help improve your front surfing skills.

Tip 1 - Catch the wave

This is the most fundamental preliminary step to improving your front surf skills, and if you are struggling here you need to keep working on it until you are getting this step down.

Tip 2 - Smile

Remember we are here to have fun so always smile.

Tip 3 - Look upstream

So a fundamental skill for whitewater kayaking is ‘Look where you want to go’ and the same is true for front surfing, eyes upstream keeps you on the wave. DO NOT STARE AT YOUR BOW.

Tip 4 - Keep an eye on where you are

Looking upstream is important, but you also need to check where you are on the wave to avoid accidentally surfing off.

Tip 5 - Neutral or slightly aggressive body position

Keep that body centered or slightly forward to stay balanced and stable. Don’t forget to pull up on your knees to make sure your bow stays up.

Tip 6 - Use your paddle combined with edges to stay in control and steer

Being in control of your boat is critical. Use your paddle alongside your boat in a stern rudder position to make small corrections and steer your boat; be sure to twist your body with your paddle to reduce the stress on your shoulders and utilize the core muscles. Combine this with using your edges to move from side to side, carving on the edges to move yourself around.

Remember the rudder affects where you are pointing. The amount of edge you use affects how fast you get there.

So there you go, some simple tips to improve your front surf skills for surfing river waves. Check out the video, subscribe to the YouTube channel and stay tuned for many more fun and informative videos coming soon.