Kayak Fishing: A Consistent Inconsistency

by drew-gregory
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Why is kayak fishing growing so fast? Why is it so healthily addicting? Out of all the sports or activities I’ve been a part of in my life, I’ve never experienced something as consistently inconsistent as kayak fishing.
Drew Gregory
by Drew Gregory

Drew Gregory was living with his parents after college and just needed an outlet to get away every once in a while.    Full Bio

The amount of positive unpredictability, mystery and change surpasses anything I’ve ever been a part of - and believe me, I’ve probably attempted to play every sport or outdoor activity there is! What does that mean, to be consistently inconsistent? Is that a good or bad thing for kayak fishing, or any sport? The most common reason we, as humans, get tired of an activity, a job, a relationship, etc. is when things get stagnant or stay the same. Our entire brain and being is always craving something new, bigger, better, faster or more powerful.

It is literally the beauty and downfall of man-kind at the exact same time. We strive to invent, explore, develop and create which leads us to unthinkable accomplishments, like discovering the west, space travel, electricity, the internet or even developing a material like Gore-Tex or making a plastic kayak! On the flip side, it’s what causes some to have a few more drinks than they should, or escalate to a more powerful drug each time. We crave ‘new’ and ‘different’, but at the same time don’t we also desire consistency? Isn’t that one of the reasons we are excited to settle down with that special someone, go back to that same restaurant, or passionately follow the major sports, in which each game has consistency in rules or time, but ultimately plays out differently? Every activity or sport that exists has this same balance of consistent inconsistency.

So, what does this have to do with kayak fishing? Don’t you see, this means that kayak fishing has that special sauce! I’ve been doing this for 15 years now and have witnessed the healthy addiction that each and every kayak angler has. The activity could be described similar to golf - not just a hobby but an obsession! This will not only ensure it is around for years to come, but allows it the opportunity to be larger than any of us even realize. Do you really think the inventor of Coca Cola thought it would be as big as it is today? What about the creators of basketball or football? I don’t think they even imagined that, at some point, people would be playing their sport to literally make a living! If kayak fishing was a stock, it is currently at $1, and if you haven’t tried it yet, allow me one paragraph to explain why you may want to sell some of your other “free time” stock and buy into kayak fishing (“KaFi” on NASDAQ)!

The reason everyone is so obsessed is proven by kayak fishing’s ability to be consistently different each time. You may ask, “What critical elements stay the same?” For starters, our watercraft, gear, tactics and knowing we’ll get exercise on a scenic paddle with friends is always the same. Aside from our fuel emissions traveling to our launch destination, kayak fishing causes little impact on the environment each time we participate. It also has little impact on our wallet! From purchasing a kayak, or Kokatat PFD and apparel to keep us warm and dry, to the fact that we’ll rarely have to spend much on a “launch fee” (if anything) assures us that we don’t have to be filthy rich to participate. Those consistencies are great, but the ability to combine them with the ever-changing elements of kayak fishing are what really puts the sizzle in the steak! Every time we embark on a kayak fishing journey we are magically lured in by the mystery of the unknown, of what is below the water’s surface. What species will be on the end of our line? How big could it be? When will the “strike” happen? How much and where will my kayak and I get pulled during the fight? The mysteries are literally endless. Isn’t it the mystery that intrigues you to ask the girl on a date, then another and again and again? Just think about it. Even if you fish the same stretch or river, lake or ocean two days in a row, the number of changing elements that make it distinctly unique are endless – water clarity, temperature, depth, air temperature, wind, rain, sun or clouds. If you get bored fishing for a certain species, there are hundreds of others that you can switch to. You can also kayak fish almost anywhere in the world, in every geographic environment, from the mountains to the marsh, making it a consistently new visual experience.

The final consistent element that sums up the most consistent inconsistent article I’ve ever written is simply the fact that almost everyone in the sport of kayak fishing is willing to share their passion with others. Some people in life find something special or inspiring and just want to keep it to themselves. Like most others in this sport, I am not that way and have no issue sharing the positive impact the activity has had on me. I do so in hopes that others too will be impacted positively. It is what brands like Kokatat are all about and why this blog post is not about their gear, but about the past-time that their gear helps make more comfortable, safe, and fun to enjoy. If you know someone who may need a “healthy” addiction in their life, share this article, because you never know when getting someone into an activity like this may just save their life.

"Almost everyone in the sport of kayak fishing is willing to share their passion with others."

Drew and Lu, Scioto River near Columbus OH Photo Cristina Gregory / Drew Gregory, Yampa River Steamboat Springs CO Photo Cristina Gregory / Drew Gregory and friends, having fun with new GoPro angles
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