Whitewater Slip-n-Slide

by diane-gaydos
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
The Toxaway River is a whitewater gem located in North Carolina. Kokatat paddler Diane Gaydos-Brasuell recently had a chance to paddle this river for the first time.
Diane Gaydos-Brasuell
by Diane Gaydos-brasuell

Diane loves self-support overnighters, exploring new rivers, and beautiful scenery. She is always ready for a new adventure.

Remember when you were a little kid and loved water slides? Well, who are we kidding? I still love them too! That’s why I had been looking forward to running the Toxaway River since I moved to the Southeast.

The Toxaway River, is located in North Carolina, and is one of the rivers that flows out of Lake Jocassee. This whole region is known for awesome slides and waterfalls, but most people agree that the Toxaway is the highlight.

I was lucky enough with the timing, paddling partners, and flow, to get to paddle this amazing river two weekends in a row. Not bad for a weekend warrior! Thanks to my friend Ben Bernhard, for showing me the lines!

Having now run this river twice, I have to agree with the rumors, that it is an amazing place. The granite canyons and steep slides make this river the closest to my old Sierra Nevada home that I have experienced outside of California. In fact, it made me home sick and excited to explore the rest of the Jocassee rivers.

I’ve been in the Southeast for almost 2 years now and I still find it amazing to see all of the new rivers that I have yet to explore. I’m looking forward to some rain this spring to find some new local gems!

"The Toxaway River is known for its awesome slides and waterfalls, a Southeast gem!"

Toxaway River / Chad Christopher / Diane Gaydos