KOKATAT Ambassador TEAM MEMBER | Whitewater Kayaking

Alicia Casas Zaragoza

Age: 38 years old
HOMETOWN: Sort, Spain

“Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Alicia has always been passionate about nature and outdoor sports. Growing up in the city, she was never specifically interested in rivers and knew nothing about kayaking until she moved to Sort (Pyrenees) after 7 long years of law school. Now she has a deep passion for the river and specifically for creek boating.

Her goal is to kayak more than ever, traveling and paddling new rivers around the world, while competing in as many creek races as possible. Her philosophy in life is to live simply and enjoy every single moment to the fullest.

“Kayaking has changed my whole life; it makes me enjoy my life in a totally different way, and what I like most is that it makes me dream and enjoy other’s dreams. I love this sport because it helps me to push myself on and off the water and makes me stronger as a person.”

Alicia running Hussum Falls, White Salmon WA
Alicia running Hussum Falls, White Salmon WA

Ali’s partner and soul mate Gerd Serrasolses, his brother Aniol, and a few close kayaking girl friends have been instrumental in mentoring Ali in her progression in the sport. “They are such a great source of inspiration and encouragement, and definitely have helped me to improve my kayaking skills and become a better paddler.”

Alicia and Lulu
Alicia and Lulu

Lulu Love Tour

In March of 2015, the loss of Louise Jull left no one untouched. Lulu’s passion and love for kayaking and her endless stoke for life inspired and touched anyone around her. “I met Lulu only two years before the accident, however the time I spent with her was enough to realize that she was one of a kind. She had the power to make you feel awesome no matter what, and I can still feel her positive vibes when thinking of all these amazing times we shared. Lou’s memory will forever be with me and will continue to inspire my life as well as so many other’s.”

The Lulu Love Tour project was created as a way to honor the loss of their dear friend and to pass on her legacy by spreading Lou’s love and energy into the world by promoting the sport she loved and inspiring the younger generations to be passionate for life and to follow their dreams.

Alicia Casas Zaragoza'S FAVORITE GEAR