KOKATAT Pro TEAM MEMBER | Expedition Kayaking

Chris Korbulic

Age: 33 years old website

“There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.” - Camus

Chris Korbulic is one of the worlds leading expedition whitewater kayakers, with first descents and incredibly grueling expeditions that have taken him all over the world. His philosophy of life is, “appreciate what you have, enjoy the day for what it is, and say yes to new experiences.”

Growing up on the Rogue River in Oregon, Korbulic had an early introduction to the river lifestyle. The wilderness, culture, and excitement stuck with him and he stuck to them. His parents and their friends inspired and taught him to enjoy and appreciate wilderness and how to interact with it, especially on the river. “Years down the road, or river, I’m still following the water and enjoying it more than ever,” says Korbulic.

Chris currently lives in a van, so he has river front, or ocean front, or mountain side property anywhere he wants. Simple, low impact, the best access to the most amazing places and people; it’s hard to beat and easy to love.

Chris Korbulic'S FAVORITE GEAR