KOKATAT Pro TEAM MEMBER | Whitewater Kayaking

Dane Jackson

Age: 26 years old

“Do what you love and love what you do.”

Dane Jackson has been kayaking for 20 years and it’s definitely what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Home base is Rock Island TN, but like the rest of his family Dane lives in his RV for 6+ months of the year, travelling to kayak events and searching for new rivers and play spots along the way. His dad, Eric Jackson, has been his teacher and mentor since he started kayaking. “My dad has always been there, I would not be where I’m today if not for him,” says Dane.

Dane’s philosophy in life is to ‘make it happen’ and that’s exactly what he’s done. Arguably the best all-around whitewater kayaker in the world, Dane holds multiple Freestyle World Championship Titles & North Fork Championship crowns, and a display of over 80 first place medals from competitions around the world. It’s Dane’s skill and determination that have taken him to the top.

Dane lives a life surrounded by whitewater, competition, and family. He is passionate about the sport and treats others with the same respect he gives the river. “I respect every athlete who loves what they do and pushes themselves and their sport,” says Dane.