KOKATAT Kayak Fishing TEAM MEMBER | Kayak Fishing

Drew Gregory

HOMETOWN: Charlotte, NC

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it”

Drew Gregory was living with his parents after college and just needed an outlet to get away every once in a while. So he bought a kayak to fish the river behind their house and quickly became addicted to exploring wild waters. Before he knew it he was running a tournament series for the sport (River Bassin Tournament Trail), posting articles and videos online that caught the attention of ESPN and other large media outlets that I later teamed up with. All of this led him to partner with a great American Company called Jackson Kayak, to develop his signature series kayak - the Coosa. Today Drew enjoys working on the concept designs for Jackson and marketing the kayaks, along with Kokatat and all of his other sponsors in his digital TV show called Hooked on Wild Waters. His philosophy on life is to live each day like it’s your last & don’t stress about things you can’t control. Drew’s goals are to travel the country putting on River Bassin tournaments and fishing amazing wild waters for the show with his soon-to-be wife, Cristina, and his dog. “I can’t imagine life ever getting much better than that,” says Drew.