KOKATAT Kayak Fishing TEAM MEMBER | Kayak Fishing

Eric Harrison

HOMETOWN: Arlington, MA

Eric Harrison is a lifelong fisherman; he started fishing off piers in Southern California when he was in elementary school. From hundred foot party boats going out for days to an inner tube drifting across the lake, he’s fished from every platform imaginable. Some kayak fishermen are kayakers who took up fishing, but Eric is a fisherman who took to kayaking. “I enjoy being immersed in the water, fishing from boats is fun, but getting into the water is what I love to do,” says Harrison.

Prior to kayak fishing, he spent most of his time prowling the shoreline in waders; he says, “it’s a great experience getting into the water with the fish you are chasing!” But the first time he paddled a kayak through the big rips of Boston Harbor he knew he was hooked. Being able to sit in the water and be mobile expanded my horizons and gave him a deeper connection with the sport.

Eric’s favorite place is on the water, especially big open water. He loves getting out on the ocean and big lakes, but just about any water will do. “I often find myself cruising in my kayak around Boston Harbor in the middle of the night, between a busy family life and the nocturnal nature of striped bass, I keep some very odd hours on the water,” he says.

He has been fishing from Hobie kayaks for almost ten years and spend almost all my time on the water with his fishing rod in hand. With tides often over ten feet, Boston has quite a bit of moving water, but being able to pedal around makes Eric feel like I’m walking in water. In his kayak he can hang in Boston’s fishiest spots while boats go drifting past! New England is a beautiful place, the ocean has sandy beaches and rocky shorelines and there are lakes and rivers both big and small everywhere. Eric can fish from his kayak year round and although striped bass are my primary target, he regularly fishes for more than a dozen different species in both fresh and saltwater.