KOKATAT Ambassador TEAM MEMBER | Whitewater Kayaking

Jakub Sedivy

HOMETOWN: Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

"You cannot know if you don’t try!"

Jakub Sedivy wanted to be a whitewater kayaker ever since watched some paddlers throwing wave wheels and cartwheels while he was on a trip in Norway. Since then it had been on his mind until he persuaded his dad to get him a boat. Jakub became a proud owner of a purple Eskimo Diablo. It took him two months of trial and error to learn to roll in the family pool - which took some damage. Jakub spent a few years paddling freestyle around Europe until his first creeking trip to Norway, and subsequently he spent his university holidays working for Cascade on the Payette River in Idaho, which was the best school ever. Since 2010 he’s been working for Gene17 kayaking and spending most of his working and free days on a river somewhere around the globe.

“We almost always regret the things we haven’t done and value the experiences we earned trying! The experiences I gained while going on kayaking missions in Europe, NZ, South America, Nepal, India and Borneo has shaped me into the person I am now; not just from the paddling perspective but also in culture and personal understanding,” says Jakub. “I want to keep living this amazing lifestyle while keeping it sustainable and balanced. It can be a challenge but totally worth it. There are many rivers and places I want to experience, and a kayak is the only way to reach many of these destinations.”