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Jim Sammons


“Live today you may not be here tomorrow.”

Jim Sammons is an established Kayak Fisherman. His father in law introduced him to paddling touring kayaks when he & his wife first got together over 28 years ago. He quickly switched from fishing off his surfboard to fishing from kayaks. Not long after that he started a guide service as a side job. When his brother in law passed away 21 years ago it really changed his outlook on life and he & his wife really went with the “live today because you may not be here tomorrow” attitude.

“I don’t think I would be where I am now if this had not happened. Through the support of my wife Allene and my family I turned kayak fishing into my full time career, traveling around the world kayak fishing and shooting my two TV shows and continuing to guide sharing my passion for the sport,” says Sammons He was the first person to catch a marlin from a kayak 1998, and still the only one to do it in California waters. His goal is to continue sharing this sport with as many people as possible and explore more fishing destinations around the world. His favorite place to catch a fish is the Pacific Ocean.