KOKATAT Pro TEAM MEMBER | Expedition Whitewater

Jules Domine

HOMETOWN: Medellin, Columbia

“No you didn’t….Oh yes I Did!”

Born and raised in the heart of the French Alps, Jules Domine developed a strong passion for extreme sports at an early age. Skiing and climbing where his daily routine and kayaking was of course part of the mix, but more oriented towards slalom racing back then. At the age of 12, Jules got his first taste of creek boating and it had the impact of a tsunami. “I realized that all those sports where in reality just a means to access the remote hidden places of this world and this is what truly excited me,” Jules reflects. “I was ready to explore the world.” Expedition kayaking is now his number one goal. He loves to look at a map, find out where no one has been and set off to discover.

During his teen years, he was blessed with a few opportunities to travel and live in Alaska. This place truly showed him the possibilities of kayaking. At 18, he completed Devil’s Canyon of the Susitna which marked the beginning of a love story with big water. “There is something so comforting to me in being surrounded by powerful masses of water, as if to balance the chaos around me, my mind relaxed to become perfectly calm,” says Domine. Years of exploring has taken Jules to the 4 corners of the world. The west coast of Canada and Colombia is where you will most likely find him. He has logged an impressive amount of first descents in both locations and hopes to keep doing so for a very long time. Kayaking has impacted his life on a more personal level. “I came to realized how short lived all the rivers and watershed where. The threat of development, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, is very real. Because I have witnessed many pristine places turn into battle fields due to hydro, mining and such, I now dedicate a large portion of my time to conservation,” explains Domine. Equally enthusiastic to share this passion that is so strong within him, Jules has opened a tourism business in Colombia, aiming to show the true face of the Colombian culture and back country. His philosophy of life, “I live a sporadic life, rhymed by rivers. My vision is simple; I aspired to spend as much time as I can exploring and protecting nature.”