KOKATAT Pro TEAM MEMBER | Whitewater Kayaking

Kalob Grady

Age: 25 years old
HOMETOWN: Ottawa Valley, Canada

“Don’t sell your happiness now, on the basis you can buy it back later.” – Kalob Grady

Kalob’s philosophy in life is simple - Unplug, go outside, look up, enjoy, explore, discover, live life, laugh hard, go kayaking, be happy!

Kalob Grady was born and raised in the village of Lapasse, Ontario, along the banks of the Ottawa River. Now a professional whitewater kayaker and head coach for World Class Academy, Kalob was drawn towards the magic of water since a young age and knew from the start he would be based around whitewater for the rest of his life.

Kalob stared training for kayak competitions around the age of 13, and began competing for the Canadian National Team. That’s also about the time he began working at Wilderness Tours Raft & Kayak Resort on the Ottawa River. “The inglorious job of bus boy allowed me to get to the river every day,” remembers Kalob. Over the years, Kalob has progressed in many ways… Growing up on the Ottawa River, Kalob gives back to the community by coaching the elite youth development program ‘Keeners’. He is also one of the founding members of SEND alongside his friend and paddling buddies Dane Jackson, Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern.

Continuing to progress his competitive kayaking career, in 2010 Kalob won the Canadian U-18 Freestyle Nationals as a 16 year old, and went on to place 6th at the 2011 U-18 World Freestyle Kayak Championships. The past few years have been his highlight years with several personal best, and top 10 Podium finishes at some of the biggest events on the kayak tour, including the World Freestyle Kayak Championships, North Fork Championships and finals at the Sickline Extreme Race World Championships.

Kalob felt fortunate to coach with an incredible program called “Coaching for Conservation” in South Africa during 2013/2014. Using the power of sport to inspire Kids Who Care about wildlife and their environment. “I also had the opportunity to volunteer as a Research assistant in Maun, Botswana, working with the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust to study and protect large predators in the Okavango Delta,” recalls Grady.

Kalob looks forward to continuing to pursue his goals both on and off the water in the upcoming years, balancing his personal goals with his position as head kayak coach at World Class Academy, where he strives to motivate, encourage and teach all his students to their full potential.

Kokatat is proud to have Kalob as part of our Elite Kayak Ambassadors and look forward to following and sharing Kalob’s adventures!