KOKATAT Kayak Fishing TEAM MEMBER | Kayak Fishing

Richard Ofner

HOMETOWN: Windsor, Ontario

“You have to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you.” –Ray LaMontagne

Playing team sports growing up, hockey, baseball, soccer, and football, Richard Ofner never really liked fishing. Not that he didn’t have an opportunity, he grew up on a canal that was five minutes from Lake St. Clair. For most of his adult life playing hockey, and golf, including reffing, coaching, and working as an administrator in hockey and soccer, he was at a crossroads when at 47 years old and just having purchased a kayak, to keep physically active. Richard stumbled upon an article in an inaugural issue of a magazine that was later to become Kayak Angler Magazine. The article was about catching Muskie from a kayak captured his interest. It was shortly after this that he had met a couple local anglers fishing from their kayaks. Both these fellows and a couple others showed him what a great hobby kayak angling was.

That was just over 7 years ago and fishing out of a kayak has introduced him to many new experiences. “Whether it is fishing alone, with a buddy, a group, competing in a tournament, traveling to new water and meeting new people, there are many facets of the sport that keeps it fresh and always wanting more,” says Ofner. Recording these experiences and editing short clips for his youtube channel keeps him busy in the 3 months of the year that ice cover keeps him off the water. His goals are to continue to enjoy fishing out of a kayak for 9 months of the year, help to grow the sport through fun events and online derbies, and create an awareness on the water for kayak angler’s safety.