KOKATAT Kayak Fishing TEAM MEMBER | Kayak Fishing

Sean White


“A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

In 2008 Sean White won NCKA Angler of the Year. That same year, his daughter won the kids division. “Sharing the podium with my Paige made the experience many times sweeter!” says White. He has also appeared on a number of episodes of the Kayak Fishing Show. He recently launched a program to take groups of kids kayak fishing, he hopes to see the program grow over the next few years. He is proud of technical contributions he has made to the overall advancement of kayak fishing. He pioneered the earliest versions of river drifting anchors. He worked closely with Kokatat developing the first line of technical wear for kayak fisherman. He says. “Since then I have enjoyed working with Jim Sammons and Jackson Kayaks on refining and designing the latest generation of fishing kayaks.”