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This ultra-lightweight, highly flexible, low profile shoe is designed for use in lower volume kayaks.

"{\"title\":\"Seeker - FWUNSB\",\"slug\":\"seeker-fwunsb\",\"sku\":\"FWUNSB\",\"gender\":\"\",\"shortDescription\":\"This ultra-lightweight, highly flexible, low profile shoe is designed for use in lower volume kayaks.\",\"descriptionHeader\":\"description\",\"description\":\"This ultra-lightweight, highly flexible, low profile paddling boot is designed for use in whitewater play boats and low volume touring kayaks. The single hand adjustable shock cord lacing system allows for precise volume adjustment and fit. A 0.5mm superstretch neoprene lace cover eliminates the snag hazard associated with other lacing systems. Made from 3mm double lined neoprene with ultra-thin vulcanized rubber sole, toe cap and heel counter, the seeker provides comfort, durability and enough protection for put-ins and portages.\",\"featureCallout\":null,\"featureGrid\":[],\"productSpecs\":{\"spec_items\":[{\"value\":\"Glued blind stitch construction\"},{\"value\":\"One hand adjustment shock cord lacing system\"},{\"value\":\"3mm double lined neoprene\"},{\"value\":\"Ultra-light vulcanized rubber sole\"},{\"value\":\"Vulcanized rubber toe cap and heel counter\"}]},\"productCareCopy\":\"Rinse after using, hang to dry.\",\"productCarePdf\":[],\"productCareVideo\":null,\"sizeCharts\":[{\"sys\":{\"id\":\"34fqUTbdtT4kZvycdtbso5\",\"type\":\"Asset\",\"revision\":9,\"createdAt\":\"2020-03-19T16:35:51.107Z\",\"updatedAt\":\"2022-09-08T16:59:11.866Z\",\"environment\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"master\",\"linkType\":\"Environment\"}},\"locale\":\"en-US\",\"space\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"pe7xw34fs2z8\",\"linkType\":\"Space\"}}},\"fields\":{\"title\":\"Footwear (u.s.\\\/e.u.)\",\"description\":\"Footwear size chart\\nSizes in Men's U.S.A. sizing with inches & Euro sizing with centimeters.\\nU.S.A.\\nSize 6\\n(inches) 9.5\\nSize 7\\n(inches) 9.75\\nSize 8\\n(inches) 10\\nSize 9\\n(inches) 10.25\\nSize 10\\n(inches) 10.5\\nSize 11\\n(inches) 11\\nSize 12\\n(inches) 11.25\\nSize 13\\n(inches) 11.5\\nEuro \\nSize 38\\n(centimeters) 24\\nSize 39\\n(centimeters) 25\\nSize 41\\n(centimeters) 25.7\\nSize 43\\n(centimeters) 26\\nSize 43.5\\n(centimeters) 27\\nSize 44.5\\n(centimeters) 28\\nSize 46\\n(centimeters) 28.2\\nSize 47.5\\n(centimeters) 29\",\"file\":{\"fileName\":\"Footwear.png\",\"contentType\":\"image\\\/png\",\"details\":{\"size\":37778,\"image\":{\"width\":2000,\"height\":923}},\"url\":\"\\\/\\\/\\\/pe7xw34fs2z8\\\/34fqUTbdtT4kZvycdtbso5\\\/b10c426f81e7caceb3c89371bf963acd\\\/Footwear.png\"}}}],\"measuringInstructions\":[],\"relatedProducts\":{\"selected_products\":[\"2783\",\"2777\",\"2750\",\"2709\"]},\"seoTitle\":\"Seeker\",\"seoMetaDescription\":\"This ultra-lightweight, highly flexible, low profile shoe is designed for use in lower volume kayaks. \",\"relatedProductv2\":[\"LVUNEP\",\"INUOLS\",\"INUNIM\",\"FWUNPS\"]}"

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    Ankle size too small

    Posted by Irina Yatsenko on May 12th 2024

    I bought small (which is still too big for my feet size) and it was _impossible_ to put on over dry suit and socks due to the small ankle diameter. The booties might still work for folks with feet that have smaller arches or if wearing over bare skin...

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    super tight around the ankles

    Posted by T on Feb 29th 2024

    I don't have big ankles. I'm a woman with what I'd assume are normal sized ankles. These are almost impossible to get on and take off. Yes, I have tried stretching them by putting wide objects in the ankles and leaving them for days on end. Also beware of quality. I had to return a pair due to missing stitching. Besides that, these are a nice mix of thin and protective.