HustleR Rescue Vest

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Hustle R Pro Rescue Vest

"{\"title\":\"HustleR Rescue Vest - LVUHUP\",\"slug\":\"hustle-r-rescue-vest-lvehup\",\"sku\":\"LVUHUP\",\"gender\":\"\",\"shortDescription\":\"This low-profile rescue life vest is designed with features veteran paddlers and guides demand. **IMPORTANT: This life vest is only available in UL (US Coast Guard) certification on the website.**\",\"descriptionHeader\":\"Low Profile Rescue\",\"description\":\"**IMPORTANT: This life vest is only available in UL (US Coast Guard) certification on the website. UL life vest is not certified for use in Canada. This vest is not ULC (transport Canada) certified at this time.** The HustleR features a quick release chest harness, D-ring attachment for standard cow tail or Touring Tow Tether, a sleeve designed to fit Kokatat's River Tow Tether and a covered front lash tab for rescue knife. The large, extra-deep clamshell front pocket with two way zipper allows for internal organization. Covered in Rugged 500D Cordura, two stacked and sculpted pre-curved foam panels wrap and float around the torso to allow optimal fit on varied torso sizes. It has a pull over design with adjustable shoulders and three side adjustments for a secure fit.\",\"featureCallout\":{\"feature_items\":[{\"label\":\"Type V rescue PFD\",\"description\":\"The go-to vest for whitewater and swift water rescue. Quick release chest harness and O-ring are compatible with a variety of tether\\\/tow systems. Also features a sleeve for the Kokatat River Tow Tether or cow tail. \"},{\"label\":\"Fit & Comfort\",\"description\":\"Pull over design with adjustable shoulders and three side adjustments for a secure fit. \"},{\"label\":\"Organization\",\"description\":\"Large, extra-deep clamshell front pocket with two way zipper and internal organization to hold all of your essentials. \"},{\"label\":\"Durable 500D Cordura\\u00ae shell\",\"description\":\"This vest will stand the test of time, utilizing the most durable fabrics and components available. Backed by Kokatat\\u2019s limited lifetime product warranty. \"}]},\"featureGrid\":[{\"sys\":{\"id\":\"1Zk7YVJ6MGak7IPtUrBAjw\",\"type\":\"Entry\",\"revision\":1,\"createdAt\":\"2020-03-26T22:43:25.951Z\",\"updatedAt\":\"2020-03-26T22:43:25.951Z\",\"environment\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"master\",\"linkType\":\"Environment\"}},\"locale\":\"en-US\",\"space\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"pe7xw34fs2z8\",\"linkType\":\"Space\"}},\"contentType\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"featureGrid\",\"linkType\":\"ContentType\"}}},\"fields\":{\"title\":\"Hustle R Rescue Vest\",\"headline\":\"Hustle R Rescue Vest\",\"subhead\":\"Comfort and Safety in one package. \",\"image\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"3z1eBfQUF4u4bGFrWmLcnP\",\"linkType\":\"Asset\"}},\"video\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/383519550\"}},{\"sys\":{\"id\":\"2cn9uEYjzTOQQbiTQ5wb7v\",\"type\":\"Entry\",\"revision\":1,\"createdAt\":\"2020-12-17T20:39:07.060Z\",\"updatedAt\":\"2020-12-17T20:39:07.060Z\",\"environment\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"master\",\"linkType\":\"Environment\"}},\"locale\":\"en-US\",\"space\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"pe7xw34fs2z8\",\"linkType\":\"Space\"}},\"contentType\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"featureGrid\",\"linkType\":\"ContentType\"}}},\"fields\":{\"title\":\"Rescue Vests with Carson Lindsay \",\"headline\":\"Rescue Life Vest Lessons\",\"subhead\":\"Carson Lindsay takes us through proper Rescue Vest Tips & Tricks\",\"ctaText\":\"Learn More\",\"ctaUrl\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/blog\\\/rescue-life-vests-with-carson-lindsay-video\",\"image\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"41kNKbBNT6oiwwpkawRtvA\",\"linkType\":\"Asset\"}}}}],\"productSpecs\":{\"spec_items\":[{\"value\":\"500D Cordura\\u00ae outer shell\"},{\"value\":\"Gaia\\u00ae PVC-free foam\"},{\"value\":\"Pullover\\u00a0design\"},{\"value\":\"Large,\\u00a0clamshell front pocket with two way zipper and internal organization\"},{\"value\":\"Adjustable shoulders and three side adjustments\"},{\"value\":\"Covered front lash tab for a rescue knife attachment\"},{\"value\":\"Quick release chest harness and O-ring, tether\\\/tow system ready\"},{\"value\":\"Sleeve for River Tow Tether\"},{\"value\":\"Breakaway D-ring for cow tail attachment\"},{\"value\":\"US Coast Guard, and ISO (EU) approved\"},{\"value\":\" BOUYANCY LB.\\\/OZ. XS\\\/S (16\\\/00), M\\\/L (16\\\/00), XL\\\/2X (16\\\/00)\"}]},\"productCareCopy\":\"Rinse after using, hang to dry.\",\"productCarePdf\":[],\"productCareVideo\":null,\"sizeCharts\":[{\"sys\":{\"id\":\"70EoHMvgjouQvD0Ggd9EDV\",\"type\":\"Asset\",\"revision\":3,\"createdAt\":\"2020-03-19T16:35:47.852Z\",\"updatedAt\":\"2020-05-26T22:55:57.214Z\",\"environment\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"master\",\"linkType\":\"Environment\"}},\"locale\":\"en-US\",\"space\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"pe7xw34fs2z8\",\"linkType\":\"Space\"}}},\"fields\":{\"title\":\"Life Vest (in)\",\"file\":{\"fileName\":\"Live-Vest-(in).png\",\"contentType\":\"image\\\/png\",\"details\":{\"size\":106734,\"image\":{\"width\":2000,\"height\":923}},\"url\":\"\\\/\\\/\\\/pe7xw34fs2z8\\\/70EoHMvgjouQvD0Ggd9EDV\\\/3b3217582d5938cc484c99ad2dca3604\\\/Live-Vest-_in_.png\"}}},{\"sys\":{\"id\":\"uhcxGYujeeTZXszlu6UCN\",\"type\":\"Asset\",\"revision\":3,\"createdAt\":\"2020-03-19T16:35:48.322Z\",\"updatedAt\":\"2020-05-26T22:55:38.531Z\",\"environment\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"master\",\"linkType\":\"Environment\"}},\"locale\":\"en-US\",\"space\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"pe7xw34fs2z8\",\"linkType\":\"Space\"}}},\"fields\":{\"title\":\"Life Vest (cm)\",\"file\":{\"fileName\":\"Live-Vest-(cm).png\",\"contentType\":\"image\\\/png\",\"details\":{\"size\":106789,\"image\":{\"width\":2000,\"height\":923}},\"url\":\"\\\/\\\/\\\/pe7xw34fs2z8\\\/uhcxGYujeeTZXszlu6UCN\\\/02f3f8923f78822c33b0e4a008b6db3f\\\/Live-Vest-_cm_.png\"}}}],\"measuringInstructions\":[],\"relatedProducts\":{\"selected_products\":[\"2788\",\"2731\",\"2730\",\"2756\"]},\"seoTitle\":\"Hustle R Pro Rescue Vest\",\"seoMetaDescription\":\"Hustle R Pro Rescue Vest\"}"

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    Good fit for women

    Posted by Dagny on Jul 19th 2021

    So it's been a long time coming, but companies are finally taking women's anatomy into account when making products. This Kokatat HustleR PFD has indentations on the inside for anyone with a chest that needs the space (unlike their maximus centurion PFD). This alone makes the PFD so much more comfortable than your standard PFD. I work as a guide in Colorado and hope this design gets copied for the standard PFD for customers so everyone can be more comfortable. Any time you have a better fit you are safer. I am 140 lbs, 5'5", and usually wear a S/M 4-6 and got the XS/S jacket and it fits fantastic (I crank the straps 2/3 of the way down). The only thing I think would make this jacket better is having a harder front pocket to protect the items inside from abrasions (the Astral GreenJacket has a harder exterior pocket space and my friends feel more comfortable keeping things like their phones in there). Besides that, I get no chafing with this PFD and love the fit and function. Keep the bright colors up! Mantis is a great color.

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    Hustler PFD

    Posted by John Shiels on Nov 4th 2020

    I purchased this after an Astral green jacket I had. This Hustler R is very, very comfortable. I have had a few other kokatat PFDs and solquist. This sits nice a low to the skirt. It's not up in your neck. The circular cut of the foam is great. Sitting on table you can see it's circular just sitting their. Straps at shoulders are wide and well padded. Side straps keep the PFD where you put. Front pocket is better than Astral green. Material used let's you put things in it. Astral is sewn flat and tight it would be hard to put a pen in the divided pockets. It has no give or I guess movement . Not sure if I can get hydration pack for it like my other kokatat PFDs. Can always work out something for water. Rescue strap looks good also. Material is all top notch as always with kokatat. Paddling you have freedom of movement when paddling. Feels like no jacket on you. I have 5 composite CD kayaks I like fast paddling usually 5-25 miles. I am 6' 230 lb. decent build. I bought the XL. I loved it so much I got my wife the regular Hustler. Material is tad lighter but still kokatat quality. Can't wait to do a long 20+ mile paddle. Very happy with my decision to try the Hustler jackets.

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    Hustler Rescue Vest

    Posted by Bob on Oct 29th 2020

    I currently have the Green, which is a really outstanding jacket. I didn't think anything could be done that would be better. I liked the idea of a lower profile jacket for comfort and to make it easier to curl myself around for rolling. Kokatat really nailed it this one. Also, although the size chart says I should have the M/L I bought the largest size which gives me necessary rib protection. Really smart folks designed this.