Kozee Glove

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A lightweight neoprene glove for warm hands on the cooler days.

"{\"title\":\"Kozee Glove - INUNKG\",\"slug\":\"kozee-glove-inunkg\",\"sku\":\"INUNKG\",\"gender\":\"\",\"shortDescription\":\"A lightweight neoprene glove for warm hands on the cooler days.\",\"descriptionHeader\":\"description\",\"description\":\"The Kozee Glove has 1mm Smoothskin neoprene on the back and .5mm Smoothskin neoprene on the palm providing excellent flexibility and comfort on cooler days. The palm has a grippy dot design that increases durability while providing outstanding paddle grip.\",\"featureCallout\":null,\"featureGrid\":[],\"productSpecs\":{\"spec_items\":[{\"value\":\"1mm Smoothskin neoprene back\"},{\"value\":\"0.5mm Smoothskin neoprene palm\"},{\"value\":\"Grip dots on palm\"}]},\"productCareCopy\":\"Rinse after using, hang to dry.\",\"productCarePdf\":[],\"productCareVideo\":null,\"sizeCharts\":[{\"sys\":{\"id\":\"3eINcqnM9601mkJyEaR60t\",\"type\":\"Asset\",\"revision\":3,\"createdAt\":\"2020-03-19T16:35:48.836Z\",\"updatedAt\":\"2020-08-17T22:08:29.704Z\",\"environment\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"master\",\"linkType\":\"Environment\"}},\"locale\":\"en-US\",\"space\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"pe7xw34fs2z8\",\"linkType\":\"Space\"}}},\"fields\":{\"title\":\"handwear\",\"file\":{\"fileName\":\"Hand.png\",\"contentType\":\"image\\\/png\",\"details\":{\"size\":46850,\"image\":{\"width\":2000,\"height\":923}},\"url\":\"\\\/\\\/images.ctfassets.net\\\/pe7xw34fs2z8\\\/3eINcqnM9601mkJyEaR60t\\\/3ca195c8b443a9506540fa6bd7df824e\\\/Hand.png\"}}}],\"measuringInstructions\":[],\"relatedProducts\":{\"selected_products\":[\"2788\",\"2756\",\"2679\",\"2709\"]},\"seoTitle\":\"Kozee Glove\",\"seoMetaDescription\":\"A lightweight neoprene glove for warm hands on the cooler days. \"}"

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    Nice Fit but Defect in Stitching

    Posted by Kyla Hjertstedt on Apr 30th 2021

    I love the fit, feel, and sizing of these gloves. Unfortunately after the first use of the pair I received a inch, inch and a half hole opened in one of the fingers as the stitching started to unravel. After contacting Kokatat's customer service I did learn that I could send them in to be evaluated for repair or repalcement but it's at an expense of $12 for shipping which is a quarter of the price of the gloves. I'm opting to stitch the defect myself and hoping that'll put a stop to the unraveling and that the other fingers don't follow suit.

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    Kokatat Kozee Glove

    Posted by David J Thompson on Jan 29th 2021

    I used these gloves January 27 for a river paddle in the snow. (32 degrees F) While we were paddling, the wetsuit-like material absorbed water and kept my hands warm. I was skeptical, but they did the job most adequately. For colder temperatures it might be nice to have some pogies.