Lightweight Glove

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Fingerless design provides excellent sun protection and saves your palms from excess wear and tear.

"{\"title\":\"Lightweight Glove - INUNLG\",\"slug\":\"lightweight-glove-inunlg\",\"sku\":\"INUNLG\",\"gender\":\"\",\"shortDescription\":\"Fingerless design provides excellent sun protection and saves your palms from excess wear and tear.\",\"descriptionHeader\":\"description\",\"description\":\"Fingerless design with a nylon spandex upper offers sun protection for back of hands yet remains cool in the height of summer. Double Amara synthetic suede palm with reinforcement in high-wear areas will save your palms after many trips down your favorite river.\",\"featureCallout\":null,\"featureGrid\":[],\"productSpecs\":{\"spec_items\":[{\"value\":\"Lightweight fingerless design\"},{\"value\":\"Nylon spandex upper\"},{\"value\":\"Double layered Amara synthetic suede palm\"},{\"value\":\"Additional Amara thumb\\\/forefinger reinforcement\"},{\"value\":\"\\u201cHook & loop\\u201d adjustable wrist closure\"}]},\"productCareCopy\":\"Rinse after using, hang to dry.\",\"productCarePdf\":[],\"productCareVideo\":null,\"sizeCharts\":[{\"sys\":{\"id\":\"3eINcqnM9601mkJyEaR60t\",\"type\":\"Asset\",\"revision\":3,\"createdAt\":\"2020-03-19T16:35:48.836Z\",\"updatedAt\":\"2020-08-17T22:08:29.704Z\",\"environment\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"master\",\"linkType\":\"Environment\"}},\"locale\":\"en-US\",\"space\":{\"sys\":{\"type\":\"Link\",\"id\":\"pe7xw34fs2z8\",\"linkType\":\"Space\"}}},\"fields\":{\"title\":\"handwear\",\"file\":{\"fileName\":\"Hand.png\",\"contentType\":\"image\\\/png\",\"details\":{\"size\":46850,\"image\":{\"width\":2000,\"height\":923}},\"url\":\"\\\/\\\/\\\/pe7xw34fs2z8\\\/3eINcqnM9601mkJyEaR60t\\\/3ca195c8b443a9506540fa6bd7df824e\\\/Hand.png\"}}}],\"measuringInstructions\":[],\"relatedProducts\":{\"selected_products\":[\"2834\",\"2815\",\"2757\",\"2709\"]},\"seoTitle\":\"Lightweight Glove\",\"seoMetaDescription\":\"Fingerless design provides excellent sun protection and saves your palms from excess wear and tear. \"}"

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    Posted by Gary Weatherford on Jul 28th 2021

    I use this glove when handling rope on Swiftwater Rescue classes we teach. This glove holds up great, used it for three seasons before it wore out. Here is an improvement that I would like to see. Would be good if it had two reversed hookd on the inside of the two middle fingers to help take them off. Look at Pearl Izumi fingerless bicycle gloves. Getting these off when wet is difficult.

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    Lightweight gloves

    Posted by Weeks Bob on Nov 30th 2020

    I'm 5' 11", 165lb. I bought the size Large, which generally is correct for me for gloves. I could not get the right glove on my hand it was so tight, and the left glove barely. The left glove did feel great once on. My wife- 5' 4" 140lb, could get both on, though not easily, and she felt they would work for her. She hasn't been on the water with them yet.